Healing hands
Healing Hands





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Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)
250 Hours

Holistic Health Practitioner includes:  Sound Healing (20 hours), Homeopathy (30 hours), Flower Essences (30 hours), Ayurvedic Medicine (50 hours), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique (20 hours), Cranial-Sacral Balancing (50 hours), Yoga (25 hours) and Tai Chi (25 hours.)

Program Goal: At the end of the program, the student will be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct a client evaluation and consultation in the following capacities; evaluate the client’s specific needs and make recommendations for the use of sound healing techniques, homeopathy, flower essences and vibrational medicine, ayurvedic medicine, EFT, cranial-sacral balancing, yoga and tai chi for enhancement of Mind/Body/Spirit wellness and overall health and vitality.

Methods of Presentation:

Videos and DVDs
Physical Demonstrations

Program Evaluation:

Written quizzes and exams
Physical return demonstrations
Essays and homework assignments

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